The Rising Trend of Multi-State Affiliations of Health Information Exchanges—What is the Best Model for Your HIE?

One of the latest trends in health information exchange (HIE) development is multi-state affiliations. Some states have joined forces with other states, sharing HIE infrastructure, data, and strategies. With Connecticut becoming the 46th state to launch a statewide HIE in May 2021, the next frontier for many states may be affiliating with other states’ HIEs. Some states have already seen their HIEs affiliate with other states, including Maryland, Arizona, and Alaska.

As states look for ways to balance their HIE budgets with the expiration of Health Information for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act funds, cutting costs by affiliating with other states may become an attractive option. With the importance of HIE infrastructure and data sharing highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, could multi-state affiliations be the future of HIEs? PCG’s Health Innovation, Policy, and Information Technology (HIPIT) team published an article outlining information about multi-state HIE affiliations, including benefits and risks. To read it, click here.

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