Health Policy News October Edition


This month’s edition of Health Policy News focuses on recent developments relative to drug policy, which has been an ever-growing focus at the State and Federal level. We continue our coverage of efforts relative to drug cost control with short summaries of recent decisions on Section 1115 Waivers submitted by Massachusetts and Oklahoma, and the impacts of those decisions relative to prescription drug cost control.

Also this month, we share an update related to the fight against the opioid epidemic. Just last week, the President signed legislation aimed at supporting communities in their efforts. We highlight some of its key provisions and include thoughts on ways states can support the intended goals of the bipartisan legislation.

Many of you joined us for our 2018 Fall Webinar Series, and we hope you found them informative. Thank you for being engaged participants. For those who missed it, we have included materials and updates from our latest webinar below. Stay tuned, as we are in the process of planning similar events for this winter!

1115 Waiver Decisions Issued By CMS

There are new updates on state efforts to promote drug cost control measures, with waiver decisions coming out of Massachusetts and Oklahoma. Both states submitted Section 1115 Medicaid Demonstration Waivers relative to drug price control measures, and those waiver decisions will impact their next steps in that effort. To read more, including updates on how Oklahoma is fairing in negotiations with drug manufacturers, click here.

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Opioid Legislation Signed Into Law

At the Federal level, there is a new effort to support the fight against the opioid epidemic via bipartisan legislation that was signed into law this month, aimed at targeting the nationwide opioid addiction epidemic.  To read more, including how regulators can support the new provisions outlined in the Federal opioid legislation, click here.

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Health Policy News Hosts Round Table Discussion of Public Option Programs

On October 9th, Health Policy News held the second event in our 2018 Fall Webinar Series entitled “Revisiting the Public Option—Medicaid Buy-Ins.” This webinar featured a round table discussion on the history of public options and the various design and programmatic options available to states crafting such programs. The event was timely and touched on new guidance released this month relative to Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) buy-in programs. To access the slides from the webinar and the state legislative tracking chart—including breaking updates—click here.

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