PCG creates summary of the House-passed health care bill

The American Health Care Act (“the bill”) passed the House of Representatives on May 4, 2017. As outlined in greater detail in the PCG summary, the bill does not repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in full, but rather proposes changes primarily focused on the ACA’s insurance affordability, Medicaid expansion, coverage requirements and revenue provisions. It also proposes changes to Medicaid funding more generally and allows states to waive medical underwriting prohibitions.
Prior to passage, the following amendments to the bill were adopted:
  • Two Manager’s Amendments which would: allow states to receive a block grant in lieu of per capita funding for Medicaid and adopt Medicaid work requirements; expand use of and funding for the Patient and State Stability Fund; amend various effective dates and make other technical amendments; and create a Federal implementation fund.
  • Invisible Risk Sharing Amendment which would create and provide funding for a Federal prospective reinsurance program.
  • MacArthur Amendment which would allow for state waivers of age rating limitations; Federal essential health benefits; or underwriting prohibitions.
  • Upton Amendment which provides funding for states that waive underwriting prohibitions to lower premiums or cost-sharing for impacted individuals.
PCG subject matter experts have created a comprehensive overview of the bill as passed by the House.
Please contact us at healthpolicynews@pcgus.com for more information.
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